MIT Tuition Fee, Grants, and Scholarships

How Much is the MIT Tuition Fee

The MIT tuition fee for a year is $59,750. The tuition fee is different from additional costs and other expenses, and the total cost of attending MIT must consider these expenses as well.

In addition to tuition, students are also required to pay additional fees such as a student life fee of $406, housing costs of $12,380, food costs of $7,010, and additional costs for books, course materials, supplies & equipment, and personal expenses.

With all these expenses included, the total cost of attending MIT is $82,730. However, for students receiving financial aid, the average annual price paid was $19,599 for the 2021–2022 academic year, making an MIT education more accessible.

All You Should Know About MIT Scholarships

About 58% of MIT undergraduates receive MIT Scholarships with an average amount of $53,997 for the 2021–2022 year. Any student who applies for financial aid and fills out the CSS Profile is automatically considered for an MIT Scholarship.

Once awarded an MIT Scholarship, recipients are required to fill out an annual Student Information Review Form to ensure the right scholarship from the right donor is matched with the recipient. Scholarship donors often take an interest in learning about the recipients and may request a thank you letter from the recipient.

First Year Grant

The Institute provides low-income first-year students with a grant to help with the extra expenses that come with the transition to college. This includes sheets and towels for your room, or a warm coat to make it through a Boston winter. The First Year Grant is for first-year students only.

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Outside scholarships and grants

It is possible to apply for private scholarships, but it is important to know that it is not recommended to pay for a scholarship search service. Additionally, any outside scholarship will be considered as an available resource towards the cost of attendance, potentially reducing other forms of financial aid.

Lastly, it is advisable to reach out to groups or organizations that you have been involved with to inquire about private scholarships they may offer.

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