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New NDLEA Salary Structure 2024 | NDLEA Salary by Rank

New NDLEA Salary Structure 2024 | NDLEA Salary by Rank

If you’ve ever considered joining the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Nigeria, you may be curious about the salary, ranks, and benefits that come with it. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the details about the NDLEA ranks and salary structure, including allowances and additional benefits.

What is the NDLEA?

The NDLEA, which stands for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, is a Nigerian federal agency responsible for combating drug trafficking and abuse in the country. Established in 1989 under the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Act, the organization enforces drug laws, investigates drug-related offenses, arrests and prosecutes drug offenders, and seizes illicit drugs and assets related to drug trafficking. The NDLEA works in collaboration with other government agencies and international law enforcement agencies to prevent the illicit trafficking and use of drugs in Nigeria.


The NDLEA ranks follow a structure similar to other paramilitary agencies, primarily based on qualifications. Your entry qualification determines your rank, with higher qualifications leading to higher ranks. NDLEA Commissioned Officers Ranks include Commander General of Narcotic, Deputy Commander General of Narcotic, Commander of Narcotic, Deputy Commander of Narcotic, among others. NDLEA Non-Commissioned Officers Ranks include Inspector of Narcotics, Assistant Inspector of Narcotics, Senior Corporal of Narcotics, and more.

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NDLEA Salary and Benefits

NDLEA salary aligns with ranks, ensuring higher salaries for higher ranks. The general overview of monthly salaries for different qualifications is as follows: SSCE certificate holders: N46,320 to N47,565; National Diploma or NCE holders: N47,067 to N48,654; HND and BSC graduates: N110,743 to N130,293. In addition to salaries, NDLEA officers enjoy various allowances and benefits, making the organization an attractive choice. These benefits include traveling allowance, medical allowance, housing allowance, pension plan, dental benefits, life insurance, stock options, meal vouchers, performance-based bonuses, and health insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – NDLEA Salary and Ranks

1. What is the highest rank in the NDLEA?
The highest rank in the NDLEA is the Commander General of Narcotic.

2. How much is the monthly salary for NDLEA officers with an SSCE certificate?
SSCE certificate holders in the NDLEA are paid about N46,320 to N47,565 monthly.

3. What is the salary range for NDLEA officers with National Diploma or NCE?
Those who joined the NDLEA with National Diploma or NCE are paid about N47,067 to N48,654 monthly.

4. How much do NDLEA graduates (HND and BSC) earn monthly?
NDLEA graduates (HND and BSC) are paid about N110,743 to N130,293 monthly.

5. Is there a possibility of an increase in the NDLEA officers’ salary?
Yes, there may be an increase in the salary of NDLEA officers due to economic factors.

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