Nigeria Police Force to recruit 30,000 out of over 400,000 applicants

Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Aims to Enlist 30,000 Youths

The ongoing recruitment exercise for the Nigeria Police Force is targeting the enlistment of at least 30,000 young people. Solomon Arase, Chairman of the Police Service Commission, revealed that more than 400,000 Nigerians applied for the police constable position within six weeks.

The recruitment process is scheduled to begin on Monday, January 8th, countrywide. The commission will carry out physical and credentials screening for successful applicants. Arase emphasized that this recruitment is not just a hiring process, but a crucial undertaking that will shape the Commission’s legacy. He stressed the role of each decision and interaction in this epic tale.

Significance of the Exercise

According to Arase, the significance of this recruitment process cannot be overstated, considering the impact that 30,000 new recruits will have on the country. He urged the commission’s staff to uphold professionalism, integrity, and responsibility during the exercise. Arase acknowledged the challenges that accompany such a large number of applicants.

Establishment of a Situation Room

The Commission is establishing a Situation Room at the PSC Corporate Headquarters in Jabi, Abuja, to ensure efficiency and transparency. This is the first recruitment exercise conducted by the Commission since the Supreme Court Judgment of July 20, 2023, reaffirming the Commission’s authority in recruiting for the Nigeria Police Force.

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Caution and Warnings

Arase cautioned the staff against the scrutiny they might face and emphasized the need for the highest standards of discipline, integrity, and honesty. He warned against solicitation or collection of money from applicants, with stringent disciplinary measures for those found engaging in such practices.

Details of Applicants

The spokesperson for the PSC, Ikechukwu Ani, provided additional details, stating that 416,270 youths met the initial requirements for the next stage of the exercise. The successful applicants include 315,065 for General Duty and 101,205 for the specialist cadre. Kaduna State topped the list with 31,117 successful applicants, while Anambra State had the least with 1,141 applicants. The Board emphasized the need for candidates to conduct themselves in accordance with the discipline required by the Nigeria Police Force.

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