WAEC Biology Questions and Answers for 2024/2025

WAEC Biology Questions and Answers 2024: Get Ready to Ace Your Exam!

WAEC Biology Objectives ( Review) 2024/2025

The WAEC Biology exam consists of two sections: Objectives (A) and Theory (B). The Objectives section typically contains around 60 multiple-choice questions, while the Theory section consists of 6 to 7 essay questions.

Sample WAEC Biology Objective Question

1. A cell is a functional unit of living organisms due to
A. multicellular organisms are made up of cells
B. all cells in a multicellular organism function as a single cell
C. the function of a multicellular organism is the sum total of the functions of its constituent cells
D. the function of a single cell is superior to that of the multicellular organism
E. the cells of a multicellular organism are similar in structure

Answer: A (multicellular organisms are made up of cells)

More Biology Questions to Keep in Mind

4. The mechanism of gaseous exchange in living organisms is controlled by
A. osmosis
B. inhalation
C. diffusion
D. exhalation
E. breathing

Answer: C (diffusion)

5. Which of the following statement is true about diffusion?
A. it involves the movement of water molecules only
B. Molecules move from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration
C. differentially permeable membrane must be present for diffusion to occur
D. It involves when a solute can no longer dissolve in a solvent of only solute molecules into the Bowman’s capsule
E. It occurs when a solute can no longer dissolve in a solvent

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Answer: E (It occurs when a solute can no longer dissolve in a solvent)

Biology Questions and Answers for 2024/2025 (Theory Paper 1)

The theory paper of the WAEC Biology exam includes questions that require descriptive answers. Here is a sample format of the questions you may encounter:

1. (a) Describe briefly the role of the stomach in digestion.
(b) Name three parts of plants in which food can be stored.
(c) Explain briefly how the level of sugar in the mammalian blood can be regulated.

Follow these tips to ace your WAEC Biology exam:
1. Set a goal and work towards achieving it.
2. Make a study schedule and master plan for achieving your objectives.
3. Get the recommended Biology textbook for the WAEC Examination.
4. Don’t skip Biology exercises and examples while studying.

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