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Nigerian Police Salary 2024 | Nigerian Police Salary by Rank

Nigerian Police Salary 2024: Nigerian Police Salary Structure, Allowances, and Ranks

Nigerian Police Salary 2024 | Nigerian Police Salary by Rank

If you’re curious about the Nigerian Police salary and how it varies by rank, you’ve come to the right place. We will walk you through the Nigerian Police salary structure for 2024, the updated salary scale, and the allowances officers receive. Read on to get a comprehensive understanding of how much a Nigerian Police officer is paid, based on their rank and position.

NPF Rank Hierarchy

In the Nigeria Police, the ranks are organized into three categories: senior officers, junior officers, and non-commissioned officers. Let’s delve into the Nigerian Police salary structure for each rank.

Nigeria Police Salary Structure

Here are the salaries of officers in the Nigeria Police Force according to their ranks:

Note: These figures are subject to change with government policies and reviews. The salary and rank structure reflects the hierarchy and compensation of officers within the Nigeria Police Force.

Allowances for Nigeria Police Officers

Nigeria Police officers enjoy a range of allowances in addition to their salaries, strategically designed to bolster their well-being and motivate optimal performance in their line of duty.

Pinnacle of the Hierarchy: Inspector General Of Police (IGP)

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The Inspector General Of Police stands at the apex of the Nigeria Police Force, overseeing the entire law enforcement organization. As the highest-ranking officer, the IGP assumes a pivotal role in strategic leadership and decision-making. According to the latest information, the Inspector General Of Police receives a monthly salary of N711,498.

Starting Point: Police Recruit

At the entry-level of the rank hierarchy, the Police Recruit represents the initiation phase for individuals undergoing training to join the Nigeria Police Force. Positioned at the starting point of their law enforcement careers, recruits receive a monthly salary of N9,019.42, reflecting their status as trainees.

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