Npower Batch C2 Stipends Payment of ₦90,000: Npower Ready to Disburse Stipends ASAP

Are you a beneficiary of the Npower Batch C2 program? Have you been waiting for your stipend payment of ₦90,000? Read on to find out the latest updates and what you need to know about the Npower allowance payment in 2024.

Npower Ready to Disburse Stipends ASAP

The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development recently announced that it will begin disbursing stipends to Batch C2 Npower Program beneficiaries.

The news was made on the Ministry’s official Facebook page on Wednesday. The Npower administration has informed the recipients that they are striving to pay at least three months’ worth of stipends at once, rather than just one, and that they expect to complete this task soon. Npower’s news has been quoted, and I write:

“Hello, please accept our heartfelt apologies for the late payment. We are working on paying for at least three months at a time, rather than just one. Hopefully, that will happen shortly.”

Beneficiaries of Batch C2 of the Npower program, who were formally registered in the program on October 4, 2022, should be aware that they have yet to receive any kind of compensation since the program’s inception.

The grantees will get a minimum of N90,000 to pay their stipends in October, November, and December 2022. Despite the reservations and concerns expressed by some Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries who have given up due to continued delays.

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The Npower management has already distributed three months’ worth of stipends to the Npower Batch C2 Monitoring Team (Independent Monitors). The Ministry also recently announced the Batch C2 Npower Program, which will be used to deploy N-Build recipients.

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