Canada Govt Changes Work Permit Rules, Increase  Student Working Hours 

Canada Govt Changes Work Permit Rules, Increase  Student Working Hours 

Canada has made significant changes to its immigration rules, particularly impacting international students. The changes include the discontinuation of extra work permit extensions, an increase in living costs, expanded work hours for students, and alternative options for those affected to stay legally in Canada.

Key Points:

  1. End of 18-Month Work Permit Extensions:
    • Extra 18-month work permits will no longer be extended by Canada after December 31, 2023.
    • This will affect international students, including those from Nigeria, with post-graduation work permits (PGWPs) expiring after December 31, 2023.
    • A challenge for those planning their next steps after their permits expire.
  2. Financial Requirements:
    • The minimum cost of living financial requirement for international students has doubled, increasing by 106.4% to $20,635.
    • This places a higher financial burden on prospective students, especially impacting Nigerians and other international students.
  3. Options for Affected Students:
    • Students affected have alternative options to avoid becoming illegal immigrants.
    • Options include marrying a Canadian Permanent Resident holder, seeking asylum, or obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document from a Canadian employer.
  4. Extended Work Hours:
    • The waiver on the 20-hour-per-week work limit for international students has been extended by the Canadian government.
    • Students can work more than the previous 20-hour limit during class sessions until April 30, 2024.
    • The waiver applies to students in Canada or those who applied for a study permit by December 7, 2023.
  5. New Rules for Verifying Admission:
    • Starting from December 1, 2023, international students, including Nigerians, must verify their admission to prevent fraud.
    • The verification requirement aims to protect genuine students from fraudulent activities.
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Conclusion: Recent changes to Canada’s immigration policy reflect an evolving approach to student work policies. While post-graduate work permit extensions are ending, the extension of work hours provides relief for current students. International students intending to study in Canada should stay informed and prepared to navigate these changes effectively for their educational and post-educational pathways.

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