Steps Involved in Getting A Scholarship In Canada

Steps To Get A Scholarship In Canada

Canada has become an attraction for many international students due to their high academic achievement.

It will be interesting to learn that 5 institutions in Canada rank among the top best 100 institutions in the world.

There are a lot of fascinating things to boast Canada can boast of, such as a high-quality lifestyle, peaceful environment, quality health care, etc.

Studying in Canada will give you an edge ahead of your peers because you will receive high-quality Education, though in a conducive environment.

The academic excellence Canada is enjoying presently is a result of hard work, commitment, consistency, etc, as a student coming to study, you must be ready to emulate all this as well.

Are There Free Institutions In Canada

The simple answer to this is no, there are no free institutions in Canada, the fees you may have to pay in Canada may be quite expensive. The best option you can embark on, to make your study in Canada easy is to seek a scholarship.

Many are quite confused about how they can get a Scholarship in Canada, in this guide we shall give you a complete guide, and steps to seek for Scholarship in Canada.

The below are steps you should follow to get a scholarship in Canada.

  • Research about organization and schools offering Scholarships in Canada
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The first step you have to take is to research about institutions or organizations offering Scholarships, in Canada, there are a lot of organizations doing that, an example is DAAD, they are always eager to encourage outstanding students to fulfill their goal by offering them Scholarships.

  • Apply For Admission Into Canadian institutions

After you have researched about the Institutions or Organizations that offer scholarships in Canada, the next thing you have to do is to apply for admission into a Canadian institution, however, you are not just to apply to any school in Canada.

While making your research about organizations that offer Scholarships, make sure you are applying for admission under the schools supported by that Organization. Or you apply directly to a school that offers international students Scholarships.

  • Write Well Formatted Essay

After you have applied for a scholarship, you will be asked to write an essay on why you deserve the scholarship. Make sure your essay is well-formatted, use strong grammar commands. If you are not sure of your English accuracy, you can hire someone to write for you, and you can be sure, you will get approved if your essay is well presented.

If you will be writing the essay yourself, make sure you go straight to the point, do not ramble, make it short and brief.

Also, adding your achievement in academics, in your essay, will give the scholarship board a good impression of you. If you have written textbooks or made some research in your field, this can make the scholarship board attracted, and be willing to offer you a scholarship.

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In addition to this, endeavor to be as humble as possible in your essay, adding words like “I will be grateful if I’m being offered a scholarship” will go a long way in boosting your chances of getting the scholarship.

  • Submit Your Application Before Deadline

While applying for the scholarship, endeavor to be time conscious, submit some days before the deadline, so your Scholarship can get processed.

Furthermore, make sure to submit all the necessary documents, for example, your high school certificates will certainly be asked for, endeavour to provide original copies of all the results required for

However, before applying for a scholarship, endeavor to read the terms and conditions for the scholarship, and understand the requirements wanted, to avoid making a fruitless effort.


 Most times, applying for a scholarship in Canada can be quite hard, due to the high competition involved.

However, do not relent, continue trying, until you will get approved for one.

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