Migrate To Canada Through Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration

Migrate To Canada Through Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration

According to an agreement between the Province of Quebec and the Government of Canada, the Province of Quebec has its selection process for the skilled worker category of immigration. If you intend to live in Quebec upon arrival in Canada, you will be assessed based on the Quebec Selection criteria and not the evaluation used by CIC. The application process for immigration to Quebec uses a similar points-based system but with slightly different criteria.

Like the federal system, Quebec uses a points-based system to assess potential immigrants. To qualify for a Quebec Selection Certificate, single applicants must score at least 60 points from the ten selection criteria. In contrast, an applicant with a spouse or common-law partner must score a minimum of 68 points.

The selection factors for immigration to Quebec as a skilled worker are:

Training (maximum 29 points):

Points are awarded separately for both education and job-related training.

Additional points are awarded for having more than one area of specialty.

Validated Employment Offer (maximum 10 points)

Points are awarded for having a job offer from an employer in Quebec, with greater points awarded for a job outside of the area of Montreal.

Experience (maximum 9 points)

Full points are awarded for four or more years of experience at the appropriate skill level, according to the NOC.

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Age (maximum 18 points)

Full points are awarded for being between the ages of 18-35.

Language Proficiency (maximum 22 points)

French is the official language of the Province of Quebec. The Quebec selection criteria place value on oral language abilities rather than written comprehension. Up to 16 points are available for oral interaction in French, with an additional 6 available for oral interaction in English.

Stay and Family in Quebec (maximum 9 points)

Having previously spent time living, working, or studying in Quebec, as well as having family in the province, will help prospective immigrants establish themselves more easily. Points are awarded for both of these areas.

Spouse’s Characteristics (maximum 18 points)

If an applicant is accompanied by a spouse or common-law partner, points may be awarded for the spouse’s education, training, work experience, age, and language.

Children (maximum 8 points)

Up to the maximum, 4 points are awarded for each child under 12 years of age, and 2 points for each child between 13 and 21.

Financial Self-Sufficiency (1 point)

One point is awarded for having sufficient funds for financial self-sufficiency upon arrival. However, without satisfying this requirement the application is automatically refused.

Adaptability (maximum 8 points)

This category uses an overall assessment of the applicant’s ability to adapt to life in Quebec.

Satisfying these requirements will lead to the issue of a Quebec Selection Certificate, which is recognized by CIC for immigration to Quebec. The applicant must still pass a security clearance and medical examination.

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