Full List Of Countries That Allow Nigerian Students To Bring Their Family Members

Are you a Nigerian looking to pursue a Master’s degree abroad with your family? Understanding the visa policies and opportunities available for international students with dependents is crucial. Here, we provide insights into countries that welcome Nigerian Master’s students with dependents.

1) United Kingdom (UK)

The UK recently changed its policy regarding international students bringing family members. While PhD students can bring dependents, Master’s students are restricted from doing so to reduce pressure on universities.

2. Canada

Canada is a popular choice for Nigerian Master’s students with dependents. The country’s immigration plan welcomes families, allowing spouses and children to accompany students and even work or study full-time.

3. Germany

Germany’s family reunion visa enables spouses, children, and other family members to join relatives in the country, supporting family cohesion during the student’s academic journey.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand offers a dependent child student visa for children to attend school and exempts parents from tuition fees, making education accessible for relocating families.

5. Australia

Australia’s dependent visa allows family members to reside and work in the country, promoting family unity and support for Australian citizens and eligible residents.

6. Denmark

Denmark’s green card dependent visa facilitates family reunification for green card holders and accommodates various family structures to support students and their families.

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7. Finland

Finland’s streamlined visa processing and residence permits make it an attractive destination for Nigerian Master’s students with dependents, facilitating smooth relocation for families.

8. Estonia

Estonia offers family visas for students holding student visas to stay with their families for up to a year, fostering support and integration within the community.

9. Sweden

Sweden provides various permits for bringing dependents, catering to the diverse needs of individuals and families relocating for educational purposes.

In conclusion, the availability of opportunities for Nigerian Master’s students with dependents varies across different countries. Understanding visa regulations and support systems in each destination is essential for making informed decisions and embarking on an educational journey with confidence.

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