Canada Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Canada Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Before you will be eligible to work in Canada, you will need a Labor market impact assessment, which was formerly called Labor market opinion.

What Is A Labor Market Impact Assessment

LMIA, is a verification process, to ascertain that, the job offer, a foreign worker is coming to claim in Canada, won’t have a negative impact on Canada’s economy.

An employer will be asked to provide detailed information on the foreign worker that is to be hired, the number of vacant positions in his company. The employer will also have to provide extensive information, why a foreign worker has to be hired instead of a Canadian worker.

Furthermore, the following will be considered by ESDC, in their analysis, for the job offer an employee is coming to claim in Canada.

  • Is the job position offered to the foreign employee, worth the salary attached to it?
  • Has the employee agreed to the terms and conditions of the Canadian government, including tax payment?
  • Is there a shortage of workers from Canada, or the EU, before resorting to hiring a foreign worker?
  • Has the employee undergone the necessary recruitment process?
  • Is allowing the foreign worker to start work in Canada going to impact the availability of jobs in Canada.
  • Is the employee going to enjoy the same benefits as other foreign workers?
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However, please note that the cities, where you are being offered a job, play a major role, in determining your chances of getting LMIA. If you are being offered a job in a major city, your chances of getting the job will be high.

Canada Based Work Permits

In general, two steps of verification have to be undergone, by foreign workers and employers, to receive a Canadian work permit. Firstly, the application must be submitted to ESDC by the applicant for LMIA, seconded by applying for Canadian citizenship for the main type of work permit being desired.

The LMIA is only offered by ESDC, which will check several factors, to make sure an employer is fit enough to hire a foreign employee before the ESDC will be issued to the employer. In a nutshell, LMIA is a certificate granted to an employer authorizing him/her to hire an employee from a foreign country.

It was announced in June 2014, that LMIA will be granted to foreign workers for a period of one year only.

How Long Does It Take To Obtain Canada Labor Market Impact Assessment

10 business days.

ESDC made it known that they issue LMIA certificates within 10 business days. However, this is only subjected to the nature of work, for those hiring skilled workers, it won’t take more than 10 days. However, if it’s an unskilled worker’s position, it may take longer than 10 days.

Requirements For Employer Before Applying For LMIA

As being ordered since June 2014, a sum of 1000 Canadian dollars must be paid, by all employers wishing to hire a foreign worker.

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In addition to this, applicants must be able to speak either English or French fluently, before they can be considered for LMIA.

Furthermore, before an employer will consider hiring a foreign worker, he/she must first advertise the job in all media, for a minimum of four weeks. If after this, there was no application or request from Canadian citizens, the employer can then result in hiring a foreign worker.

Also, employers should bear in mind that their LMIA certificate can be reversed if they no longer meet up the Requirements they initially met up with before they were being issued the certificate.

Furthermore, employers hiring workers for a more skilled profession like, airline workers, will be required to meet additional requirements.

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