NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program 2024

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship is an excellent opportunity for students looking to further their education and research. This nonprofit program offers numerous benefits and, in the sections below, we will explore the specific details and how to maximize your chances of success.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) gives graduate students across various disciplines the opportunity to pursue advanced studies. This includes subjects like mathematics, physical sciences, biological sciences, engineering, behavioral and social sciences, and the history of science. Special awards are also available for female students focusing on engineering and computer science fields.

Recipients of this fellowship receive an annual stipend of $34,000, as well as full tuition and fee waivers for three years. The application process is done online, with a submission deadline typically in early October.

How to Apply

1. To apply, visit the website.

2. Request a practice score for your application from Ashlee Ford Versypt at least 72 hours before the relevant NSF GRFP deadline for your field.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this fellowship, you must:

1. Be a U.S. national, citizen, or lawful permanent resident.

2. Be in your first or second year of undergraduate study or in your senior year of graduate school.

3. Intend to enroll in a research-focused master’s or doctoral program in a subject area covered by the GRFP.

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4. Be enrolled in an accredited U.S. graduate school by the fall semester following your selection.

Fellowship Benefits

  • A five-year fellowship covering tuition, fees, and health insurance benefits.
  • An annual allowance of $37,000.
  • A $12,000 cost-of-education stipend provided to the institution.
  • Opportunities for professional development (GRIP and GROW).
  • Access to doctoral programs for fellows and honorable mentions.
  • No service obligation.
  • Additional resources to support research during medical deferral.

Selection Criteria

Expert reviewers assess and rank applications based on the Merit Review Criteria of Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts.

Application Deadline

The deadline varies based on the academic discipline, with different dates in October each year. Refer to the program solicitation on the NSF website for specific dates.

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