CWW Tech Africa Training and Internship Program for Africans 2022

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry? CWW Tech Africa Training & Internship Program for Africans is currently accepting applications from young individuals across Africa. This program aims to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to help young Africans develop their careers in the digital and tech industry.

CWW Tech Africa is committed to empowering African youths by equipping them with digital and tech skills that are essential for both employment and entrepreneurship. Graduates of the program have the opportunity to give back to the community, and contribute to the tech ecosystem.

CWW Tech Africa Training & Internship Program | What to Expect

Participants in this program can expect to gain in-demand tech skills, as well as training in soft skills and entrepreneurship. Not only will they learn from industry experts, but they will also have the opportunity to work on real-life projects with established companies, receive a certificate upon completion, and undergo mentorship to guide them through their journey in the tech industry.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the CWW Tech Africa Training & Internship Program, applicants must meet certain conditions, such as being between the ages of 18-35, residing in Africa, having access to a laptop and reliable Internet, and being committed to completing the program in six weeks.

Application Procedures

Applicants interested in the program can apply as a trainee through the official website of CWW Tech Africa. For further details and inquiries, they can visit the official website or contact the provided email address.

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