Apply For Work Permit In USA

Apply For Work Permit In USA

Getting a work permit in the US is quite easy and straightforward. Once you have the Requirements, get the work permit. The work permit is also called Employment authorization (ED).

All you need to do is to fill out a form, attach your passport photograph, pay the fee, and follow little procedures and you are set.

The catch is to, however, make sure you are eligible for the work permit, and you have the Requirements for it. A work permit is available only to a limited amount of people. Probably those who are in line for adjustment of status, (green card) or those who are legally allowed to stay in the US temporarily.

However, do not think a work permit is the same as a work visa such as an H-1B. They are totally two different things, and getting a work visa is a whole complicated process on its own.

Filing The Form I-785

A simple process to start from to get a work permit is filling the form I-785. You can download this form for free on the USCIS website.

The form you will fill to apply for a work permit is self-explanatory on its own, you will be asked for your name and personal details, the type you made use of, to enter the country. Etc. Kindly fill the form accordingly.

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Attaching Proof Of Eligibility To A Work Permit.

If you are applying for a work permit, you need to attach proof of eligibility, that you qualify for the work you want to apply for.

For example, if you want to work as a doctor, you must provide photocopies of your educational qualification, educational achievement, a previous place you’ve worked ETC.

Attaching The Proper Fee

To apply for a work permit requires that you pay the fee attached to it. As of mid-2020, the fee for a work permit is $410. The fee fluctuates, most times it goes up, you should always check the website, before making the fee, so you can make a proper fee.

Also, bear in mind that some people are exempted from making this fee, such as those who are just applying for adjustment of status. They do not need to make payment for the fee.

Submitting Your EAD Application

After you have successfully gotten everything that’s required for you to apply for a work permit, you will have to submit it to USCIS by mail. However, before making the submission of your application, endeavor to have a copy of all your documents with you.


A Work Permit is different from a work visa. A work permit is what those who are residents of the US make use of to get a job in the US. Those who are going to the US can apply for a work permit which can make them work and save little money before they depart from the US.

A work visa is what skilled workers make use of to work in the country. Work Visa is specifically meant for skilled workers, who are just coming to the US, for work purposes only, and will return back to their home country after their contract elapse. Applying for a work visa, Is a different process on its own.

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