FG Partners With US Firm To Create 50,000 BPO Jobs For Nigerians

Unlocking Economic Potential: The Partnership Between Nigeria and U.S. Cybersecurity Institute

The collaboration between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the U.S. Cybersecurity Institute, Lab Four, and the National Talent Export Programme (NATEP) marks a significant milestone in job creation initiatives. Let’s explore the details of this partnership and its potential impact on the Nigerian economy.

Driving Economic Growth Through BPO Jobs

The partnership aims to create 50,000 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs in Nigeria over the next three years. These jobs span various sectors such as telesales, customer service, virtual administrative assistant, marketing/social media assistant, and tech/cybersecurity.

NATEP: A Catalyst for Talent Export and Economic Development

At the core of this initiative lies the National Talent Export Programme (NATEP), designed to position Nigeria as a global hub for service exports and talent acquisition. Dr. Anite underscores NATEP’s role in enhancing competitiveness, fostering innovation, and driving sustainable growth through trade in services.

Strategic Objectives of NATEP

Dr. Anite outlines four key objectives of the NATEP initiative, including the creation of 1 million service-export jobs, enhancement of Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings and revenue, promotion of economic development, and growth of associated industries and support services.

Empowering Talent Export Through Partnerships

Dr. Femi Adeluyi, the National Coordinator of NATEP, emphasizes the program’s commitment to empowering the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector and assures a transparent selection process for job candidates.

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Lab Four’s Commitment to Job Creation

Mr. Anthony Okhiria, the Executive Director of Lab Four, reiterates the company’s dedication to accelerating job creation in Nigeria and leveraging Nigeria’s talent pool for economic growth and development.

U.S. Embassy’s Support for Nigeria’s Economic Growth

Representing the United States Embassy, Mr. John Dunham emphasizes the importance of Nigeria’s burgeoning IT sector and entrepreneurial ecosystem and underscores the shared commitment to driving economic growth and prosperity in Nigeria.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for Sustainable Development

The partnership between the Federal Government, Lab Four, and NATEP holds immense promise for job creation, talent export, and economic development in Nigeria. By harnessing the country’s human resources and fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, this collaboration lays the foundation for sustainable growth and prosperity.

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