Study and Work Opportunities in New Zealand for International Students 2024

New Zealand is a beautiful and attractive island country for students from around the world. It offers various scholarship schemes which can help cover tuition fees and other expenses. Notable examples include the Government of New Zealand Manaaki Scholarships, University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship, and University of Canterbury International Scholarships, among others.

Many universities in New Zealand do not require English exams like IELTS, especially for students who were taught in English in their home country.

Moreover, international students can work while studying in New Zealand. Let’s delve into the details by addressing the following questions.

Do I Require a Work-study Permit?

If you possess a student visa, you may work in New Zealand. International students need to apply for an IRD number before they can work. Students studying for a PhD or a master’s research course have no limit on work hours, while others can work a maximum of 20 hours per week.

What is the Minimum Wage?

Part-time international students are entitled to a minimum wage of 18.90 NZD per hour. A tax of 10.5% is deducted if the annual earnings are less than 41,000 NZD.

How to Find Jobs in New Zealand as an International Student?

New Zealand universities offer support services to assist international students in finding employment. Job sites and various part-time job opportunities are available for students.
Example job sites include:

  • coffee maker,
  • supermarket assistant,
  • harvester in vineyards,
  • waiter/waitress,
  • kitchen assistant,
  • bartender,
  • sales assistant,
  • Teacher’s assistant,
  • Customer service representative,
  • Tutor,
  • RideShare Drivers,
  • Babysitter,
  • Cleaner,
  • Animal caretaker,
  • Dishwasher,
  • Warehouse Assistant,
  • Data Entry clerk,
  • Pharmacist assistant,
  • Keyholder,
  • Bookkeeper,
  • Retail Cashier
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Exceptions: International students are not allowed to engage in prostitution, self-employment, or freelancing.

What do Employers Look Out For?

  1. Work Experience: Employers typically look for basic skills and a willingness to learn.
  2. English Language Competency: Employers hire students with advanced English skills.
  3. Relevance of Job to Course of Study: It is recommended for students to pick jobs aligned with their course of study.
  4. Networking and Social Skills: These are crucial for employability.

What are my Rights as an Employee in New Zealand?

International students working as employees in New Zealand are entitled to rights as lawful citizens. They include a safe workplace, a fair wage, and protection from exploitation.

Concluding Remarks:

New Zealand welcomes international students to explore its landscape, gain education, and offers assistance for settling down post-graduation through the post-study work visa route.

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