How To Apply For UNICEF Paid Internship Opportunities In 2024

UNICEF Internship Program Overview

UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, offers an exciting internship program designed for students and recent graduates. This program provides a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience in international development.

Why Intern at UNICEF?

Interns at UNICEF support the organization’s important mission of protecting children’s rights worldwide. They also work alongside experienced professionals on various projects like research, data management, and communication.

What UNICEF Offers Interns

UNICEF’s internship program gives participants the chance to work on tasks that align with their interests and career goals. The program is flexible, with internship durations ranging from 6 to 26 weeks. Interns receive a monthly stipend to cover living expenses and may also get help with travel and visa costs.


To be eligible for a UNICEF internship, candidates must be at least 18 years old and currently enrolled in or have graduated from a college or university program within the last two years. Proficiency in English, French, or Spanish is required, and having a strong academic background and motivation is essential.

How to Apply

  1. Find an Internship: Explore available opportunities on the UNICEF Careers website.
  2. Review Requirements: Thoroughly check the qualifications needed for each internship.
  3. Prepare Your Application: Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight relevant skills.
  4. Submit Your Application: Click on the “Apply Now” button and follow the provided instructions.
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Additional Tips

  • Customize your application to match the internship requirements.
  • Utilize application and assessment tips on the UNICEF website for a strong application.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews due to the high volume of applications.

Important Notes

  • The application process may vary by internship and location, so follow the instructions carefully.
  • While a job offer is not guaranteed post-internship, interns may be able to apply for available positions within UNICEF.

Start your journey to a rewarding career by applying for a UNICEF internship today!

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