How To Score High In JAMB UTME (Proven Method)

How To Score High In JAMB UTME (Proven Method). The acronym JAMB stands for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board. JAMB is a Nigerian federal government owned examination body established in 1978 to centralised admission process into all higher institutions, both privately owned and public schools. Ranging from Universities to colleges of education, polytechnic and others.

In order to test the intellectual capacity and admissibility of higher institutions aspirants, JAMB conducts an examination – Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), the performance of students in this examination determines their chance of gaining admission into their desired schools and courses.

Over the years, JAMB has proven to be one of the examination malpractice repellent examination bodies in the world, therefore, there is absolutely nothing like JAMB runz or expo. Most people have perceived JAMB UTME as a hard examination that requires tedious efforts to pass.

However, I can tell you categorically that UTME is absolutely simple. In this article, I’m going to guide you on how to pass UTME easily. Make sure to adhere strictly to these guidelines so as to come out in flying colors in your next UTME.

Four (4) extremely important things to know about JAMB-UTME before sitting for it

  • UTME is a CBT; CBT means Computer Based Test. This means that the exam will be written and submitted on a computer.
  • JAMB is extremely strict; Yes, JAMB is the strictest examination body in Nigeria, this doesn’t mean their exams are hard. It simply means they have zero tolerance to examination malpractices.
  • Questions; UTME contains a total of 180 questions. Sixty questions on Use of English and forty questions each on the three other subjects. You have a total of 2 hours to answer these questions which means you have less than a minute for each question.
  • Transparency; As said earlier, JAMB has no tolerance for examination malpractices, this led to the ultimate transparency in the admission process by JAMB.
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How To Score High In JAMB UTME with ease

1. Use of Past Questions:

JAMB is well known to repeat questions over and over again over the years. Studying past questions will help make you familiar with their questions and makes it easier to solve/answer such repeated questions. Also, past questions help you know how JAMB set their question (method of approach), this will be of immense help while writing your exam.

2. Read According to the Syllabus:

Every year, JAMB releases a syllabus of each subject. These syllabuses contain a well detailed list of topics and subtopics from which the UTME questions will be set. Reading according to the syllabus is one major thing that will help boost your chances of scoring 280+ in UTME.

3. JAMB Recommended Textbooks:

One of the major reasons why JAMB is very easy to pass is due to the fact that they provide a list of all textbooks that covers their syllabus for each subject every year. It is advisable to buy these textbooks or better still, borrow them from local libraries around your area of residency. Most UTME questions are allegedly handpicked from these text books.

4. Attend UTME Tutorial (Optional):

Every student knows his/her mental and academic capacity and method of learning. There are two main types of learners, they are:

5. Visual Learners:

These are people who assimilate more of the things they see, therefore they find it easy to study and pass on their own with little or no aid from a teacher.

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6. Auditory Learners:

people in this category tend to assimilate information in audio form i.e even after reading for hours, they still need  teachers to explain to them for them to understand clearly. Therefore, if you fall under the second category, you might need to attend tutorial to help you pass UTME.

7. Avoid Distractions:

One of the reasons why the population of people who score above  200 in UTME is always nothing compared to the people who score less than 200 is the fact that adolescents are easily distracted and every year, about 80% of jambites are always adolescents. Major causes of distractions include phone, game and even relationships. You, as a jambite, should avoid all these forms of distractions and focus on your success ahead.

8. Early Preparation and Higher Aim:

To completely cover the JAMB syllabuses for your four subjects takes a great deal of time and commitment. Therefore it is advisable to start preparing for the exam as early as possible. Also, aiming for average UTME scores is something that is unhelpful to people preparing for the exam. For example, someone who needs 250 to study his/her desired course is advised to aim for 300 so when the results come, his score might fall somewhere in between 250-300.

Extra Things to do While Preparing for JAMB Exam

  • UTME is a computer based test (CBT), therefore all candidates should be computer literate before sitting for the examination, so when they get to their centre, use of computers won’t be strange to them.
  • All candidates are expected to go and know the exact location of their exam centre at least a day or two days before the examination. This will help them to be punctual as JAMB doesn’t tolerate late coming at all.
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Precautions to Take While Writing UTME

  1. Follow all instructions carefully. Candidates must be careful with instructions, failure to follow and adhere to instructions strictly may lead to automatic loss of marks.
  2. Frequently looking around in the examination hall may implicate you. As funny as this may sound, it may lead to JAMB retaining your result.
  3. Do your favorite subjects first. This is really going to help you as you will spend less time on the subjects you know best.
  4. Do not pause at anything except in case of technical problems. To make the most out of your limited time, you should pay 100% attention to your examination only.

In a nutshell, JAMB UTME is one of the easiest examinations in Nigeria to pass. By following the above guidelines and making the most out of your time, success is sure.


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