Alex Otti Foundation Scholarship 2023

Alex Otti Foundation Scholarship 2023 is out. The Alex Otti Foundation (AOF) strives to better Nigerian society by offering educational scholarships for aspiring people from disadvantaged backgrounds affiliated with Abia State.

These awards are granted depending on the individual academic performance, leadership qualities, and ambition to incorporate that accumulated knowledge towards the improvement of the entire population.

Successful candidates will be required to maintain a CGPA of at least 3.5 (every session) for those studying in universities (or its equivalent, for those in other tertiary institutions) every academic session to continue enjoying the scholarship until they graduate.

Eligibility for Alex Otti Foundation Scholarship

  • Students currently in 2nd-year (200 Level) in any government-owned tertiary institution in Nigeria. Applicants must still be in 2nd-year by April 30, 2023.
  • The candidate must have at least a CGPA of 3.5 – for universities (or its equivalent, for other tertiary institutions) in their first academic session (First Year).
  • Candidates who just secured direct entry admission into 2nd-year (and will remain in the second year by the end of April 2023) can apply.


  • Candidates must submit a statement of result for their first academic session (First Year) signed by the Department/Faculty’s Admin Officer. This statement can be submitted during the final interview (for shortlisted candidates). Direct entry candidates must submit the qualifying results that earned them the direct entry.
  • Candidates must present a letter of recognition by their community/religious group leader or electricity bill for the last three months preceding the month of the interview to prove they currently reside in Abia State.
  • Candidates must submit a 1200-word essay telling us:
  1. About their nuclear family and situating themselves within it.
  2. About a time they impressed their family’s breadwinner and how the breadwinner responded.
  3. What particular technology fascinates them the most and how they have personally applied this technology at any point in their lives?
  • Candidates must provide valid means of identification.
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Non-Eligible Candidates

If your sibling(s) (with whom you share same parents) is/are currently Alex Otti Scholar(s), then you are NOT ELIGIBLE until your sibling(s) scholarship expires.

However, if your sibling is already an Alex Otti graduates, then you are eligible.

Application Deadline

All applications must be fully completed and submitted latest by midnight, Tuesday, 14th March 2023. No late application will be processed.

How to Apply

Candidates are to apply online.


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