Latest Update on Canada Study Visa (December 2023) for International Students

Everything You Need to Know About Canada Study Visa for International Students (December 2023)

Are you an international student interested in studying in Canada? Here’s the latest update on the Canada study visa application process, permit requirements, and other essential details as of December 2023.

New Study Permit Application Form:

If you’re applying for a study permit through the IRCC secure account, make sure to use the new version of the study permit application form (IMM1294). Starting December 1, 2023, the old version will no longer be accepted.

Study Permit Application Process:

To obtain a Canadian study permit, you need to apply and gain admission to a designated learning institute (DLI), submit the necessary documentation, and fulfill all requirements set by the Canadian government.

Common Questions:

  • Processing Time: Typically ranges from 1-16 weeks based on the applicant’s country of residence.
  • Study Duration: Varies depending on the specific program and courses.
  • Study Permit Extension: Apply for an extension if you don’t finish your courses before the permit expires.

Responsibilities as a Student in Canada:

  • Progress toward program completion.
  • Adherence to study permit terms.
  • Compliance with specified requirements to avoid loss of study privileges.

Student Direct Stream (SDS):

Certain countries have access to the Student Direct Stream for faster study permit processing. Additionally, graduates from designated learning institutions can obtain an open work permit through the Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) for Canadian work experience.

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Duration of Stay:

  • If studies finish after permit expiry, apply for a permit extension.
  • If studies finish before permit expiry, the permit is valid for 90 days post-completion.

Visitor Visa to Student Visa:

If you are already in Canada and meet certain conditions, you can apply for a student visa while holding a valid study or work permit.

Why Study in Canada:

Canada is a top educational destination due to high standards, quality of life, and numerous opportunities.

Resources for Prospective Students:

Prospective students can explore educational opportunities in Canada directly through universities and various other institutions.

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