Nigerian Private Universities That Offers Scholarships

Private Universities in Nigeria Offering Scholarships for Students

Every year, the cost of college in Nigeria continues to climb due to the country’s weakening economy and devaluation of its currency. The result is prohibitively expensive tuition fees at both government and private universities, colleges, and polytechnics that many find difficult to afford. Despite these challenges, students remain determined to overcome the financial strain and pursue their education.

Students in Nigeria can pursue their educational dreams with the assistance of scholarships offered by several private universities. Here are details about three such institutions:

Babcock University

Babcock University is a Christian faith-based institution in Nigeria that offers both partial and fully funded scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Various scholarship bodies oversee the application process, including the Parent’s Consultative Forum, Springtime Development Foundation (SDF), Needy Students Fund, and Ilishan Indigene Scholarship.

Nile University

Nile University of Nigeria, established in 2009, provides scholarships for undergraduate applicants based on their JAMB and WASSCE results. Exceptional students in sports at the national or professional levels also have the opportunity to receive a full scholarship by joining the NILE team.

Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin

Al-Hikmah University in Ilorin provides sponsorship opportunities for students interested in pursuing agricultural sciences. The initiative extends support for nearly three years and has received approval from the National Universities Commission (NUC).

Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities in Nigeria

While applications for undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria have specific requirements, such as a strong O’level result or exceptional JAMB and WASSCE scores, it’s crucial for students to prepare and submit necessary documentation.

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