12 Reading Habits You Must Learn (Find Out)

Yes, we will talk about essential reading habits you must learn if you’re to attain certain feats in your field, but firstly, you have to understand that; different things work for different people. And that is the concept of individual differences. Understanding that this difference does not make us in any way inferior to others and that it points out our uniqueness will help us to individually find out what works for us.

“Readers are leaders” so the saying goes. One of the basic skills to acquire as a human being and a student at that is a good reading habit. This habit is not only essential for success, but it also serves as a source of entertainment.

Lately, many people especially students barely read. The internet has diverted their attention from reading, forgetting that reading is the backbone of education and success in school.

This article would make available tips that can help you cultivate a love for reading that will last a lifetime.

Reading Habits You Must Learn

1. Create a reading time

This is the first step to take in trying to develop a good reading habit. Set aside time every day, no matter what happens, to read. During these times, make sure you get to read no matter what.

It could be early in the morning, during lunch break, or before bedtime. This consistent routine will help develop a reading habit.

See Jane who used to be very stressed out from work, but after she developed a habit of reading every night, her stress levels decreased. She found that reading transported her to a different world and helped her forget about her problems. She also discovered that reading helped her sleep better, resulting in better productivity at work the next day.

These are the kind of results you’d get reading consistently against all odds.

2. Find a reading space

Look for a space, a place where there is minimal or no noise. This place should be void of any form of distraction (music, people, gadgets). It is a known fact that many students claim that they concentrate better where there is little noise. Some even prefer to study while listening to music.

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That is understandable. So why include it in our “12 reading habits you must learn”? Well, We didn’t particular state that you should “get a quiet place” but find a reading space. If reading in a noisy environment gives you optimal results, why not? But if, on the other hand, you are not getting the most from it, isn’t it wise to try another method?

3. Spend less time on the Internet

The Internet is one major source of distraction that prevent many people from reading. People spend more time on their phones. To develop a good reading habit, reduce the time spent on the internet.

For example, Williams had a hard time passing his exams in high school because he had poor reading habits. He always got distracted by his phone, TV, or video games. But after adopting a consistent reading routine, he discovered that he could focus more and was able to pass his exams. 

 It might be hard but it can be done. You can temporarily switch off notifications, leave your phone in another room, or install an app that blocks access to social media platforms during your specified reading time. This would help you keep your mind off your phone for that time.

4. Visit the library often

The library is one quiet place to read without any form of distractions. It isn’t only a good reading place, it also has enough books around, available for you and within your reach. Take periodical visits to the library, once a week or thrice in two weeks. This would also help in creating good reading skills. You can borrow books, create a list of books to read or join a book club or reading challenge.

Let’s take a look at Shola:

“Shola is an entrepreneur who started a business in digital marketing. He visits the library to access business resources, such as books on entrepreneurship and marketing, market research materials, and online databases, and to also think as it is a very quiet place.

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 The library gives him access to high-quality information that would have otherwise been too expensive for him to access.”

5. Surround yourself with books

Have books around you. Don’t give yourself a chance to be idle when you can be reading a book. Pick up a book to read. It would gradually become a part of your everyday life.

12 Reading Habits You Must Learn (Find Out)
12 Reading Habits You Must Learn (Find Out)


6. Read with a pencil and a notepad

Reading with these materials makes reading a really enjoyable experience. It makes you more engaged and glued to the book as you make notes, underline exciting keywords, and jot down your thoughts. This strategy can enable you to engage and retain what you read.

7. Find a reading partner

This method might not be compulsory but it is advisable. It is said that “two heads are better than one”, thus, having someone to read with, and to share thoughts with would encourage you to read more often.

Having a reading partner or group can motivate you to read more, share reading experiences, and facilitate social interaction. This approach can lead to exciting discussions and debates about the book’s plot, characters, or themes.

For instance, let’s take a look at John:

“John started going to read with his friends. They would meet every week, read a book, and discuss it afterward. This simple exercise helped him develop a deeper love for books, learn new perspectives, and make new friends. Eventually, he discovered that it could be a career and started writing reviews online, which landed him a job as a content writer.”

That is how effective joint reading could be.

8. Track Your Reading Frequency

A good way to maintain your reading habit is to keep track of how often you read. Keep track of the days you read and the ones you don’t by using a journal or app. This tip enables you to hold yourself accountable and motivates you to keep reading every day. There’s a reward mechanism that gets activated in your brain knowing that you are being consistent.

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9. Write a small book report

At the end of every reading, try to jot down everything you can remember. Writing all you have learned from the books you read usually give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you to read more often.

10. Create a “To-read” list

This list would help you scale the hurdle of not knowing what to read next. This tactic will help you keep reading consistently.

“Elizabeth loves to read but has the problem of knowing what to read next. This discouraged her a lot. One day, her friend advised her to create a list of books she would read and strictly adhere to it. She did and from then her reading habit improved and she no longer worried about what to read when she is set to read.”

That’s one way a to-read list can help improve your reading habit.

12. Read interesting books

For you to develop a habit, you must enjoy it first. Get interesting and fun books to read; books that won’t easily bore you out and discourage you.

BONUS: Reason for reading

You must discover the main reason why you read. It could be for fun or entertainment or to acquire knowledge or to even pass an exam.

A student would likely want to develop a reading habit to pass an exam, a working-class person would likely want to develop it to relieve stress or serve as entertainment. 

Getting the reason would make it easier to adhere to the strict measures you would likely set down to have a good reading habit.


We learn every day and one way to learn and acquire vast knowledge is to read. The benefits of reading are numerous; it helps to broaden our knowledge, reduces stress, and improves concentration. By taking these simple steps, you can cultivate an enduring reading habit that will improve your life immeasurably; Little wonder readers are called leaders.

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