Foursquare National Scholarship 2023

About the Foursquare National Scholarship

Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria (Foursquare) is committed to bettering the lives of those affected by financial issues and is therefore creating a plan aimed at providing aid to members unsuccessful in acquiring adequate education due to said money constraints.

This is restricted solely to state-run secondary systems and universities, hence, students from private schools (both secondary and higher institutions) are not considered for this scholarship. All candidates will compete on level ground as part of a pandemic yet fair, impartial system that considers applicants from all points. To simply put, all scholarships are merit-based as no favoritism shall be entertained.

The extent of financial support will depend on the requirements of every person conjectured to merit educational assistance. The ultimate goal is to encourage and supply the opportunity to students who adhere to pre-established conditions in order to acquire schooling.

Furthermore, a few might gain full-tuition scholarships while others could be plumped for one-off allowances or postsecondary support within a certain spending boundary for helping boost their probability of successfully finishing an extant academic program. This educational support will not be universal but the special circumstances of each.

The Board, advised by the Foursquare Board, will appoint a team of experienced Foursquare members as the Committee. Their function is to oversee the rules created by the Board that pertain to awarding scholarships in Nigeria’s four geographical regions.

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The criteria to qualify and choose potential beneficiaries must be specific enough to guarantee fairness when assessing them in all areas of the nation.

Eligible Institutions for Foursquare National Scholarship

  • Federal Universities
  • State Universities, subject to a maximum amount.
  • Public Polytechnics (Federal and State)
  • Colleges of Education
  • McPherson University, subject to a discount by the school and a maximum amount.
  • Public Secondary Schools

Non-Eligible Institutions

  • Private Universities, except McPherson University
  • Private Polytechnics
  • Private Secondary Schools
  • Theological Institutions

Available Scholarship Categories

  1. Full Scholarship – A full scholarship will cover tuition, educational supplies and stipend. This shall be given yearly to deserving students who fulfil set selection criteria.
  2. One-off Grant – A one-off grant will be given to students who require educational assistance to conclude a program which they have already started prior to running into financial difficulties. This is more like a “rescue” grant to prevent a student from dropping out of school due to financial difficulties.

Criteria for Scholarship Award

The eligibility criteria for the Foursquare National scholarship award are as follows:

  1. Applicant must be indigent with clear verifiable proof of inability to meet educational bills.
  2. Only students of Federal or State universities, Polytechnics and tertiary institutions are eligible to apply while secondary school applicants must be enrolled in a State-owned institution. Students of McPherson University are also eligible to apply.
  3. All undergraduate applicants will be required to demonstrate that they have valid admission to study in a Federal or State tertiary institution while the secondary school applicants will be required to provide proof of their school enrolment.
  4. Undergraduate applicants from 200 level and above must have a minimum of Second class upper with a cumulative CGPA of 3.5/5 and will be required to provide their duly certified statement of results from their respective institutions.
  5. Only applicants in Senior Secondary school (i.e. SS1 -SS3) are eligible to apply and they must have a minimum cumulative percentage of 80% in their previous sessional examinations.
  6. If an undergraduate applicant is awarded the scholarship, he/she must maintain a minimum of second-class upper division (university undergraduates) in order to have the scholarship award renewed while successful secondary school applicants must maintain a minimum cumulative percentage of 70%.
  7. Only undergraduates not older than 27 years and secondary school students not older than 20 years are eligible to apply for this scholarship. 
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Required Supporting Documents:

University Undergraduates

  1. Scholarship motivation letter written by applicant
  2. WAEC result (for fresh undergraduates only)
  3. JAMB and Post JAMB results (for fresh undergraduates only)
  4. Admission letter (for fresh undergraduates only)
  5. Result of previous academic session (for current undergraduates)
  6. Completed online application form
  7. Birth Certificate            
  8. Valid Picture Identification Document

Secondary School

  1. Letter of admission
  2. Letter of consent from Child’s parent(s)
  3. Results of previous Academic session
  4.   Birth Certificate

Application Process:

  1. All applicants are to complete application form online
  2. Attach passport photograph and all relevant supporting documents
  3. Qualified applicants will be invited to write an aptitude test to be administered by an independent body
  4. Candidates who are successful in the written tests will be invited for oral interviews with an independent panel which shall be selected by the Board. The decision of the interview panel shall be final.
  5. Due diligence may be conducted to confirm or verify claims made or documents tendered by applicants
  6. Only successful candidates will be notified of the scholarship award

For more inquiries;

Visit: 62/66, Akinwunmi Street, Yaba, Lagos. 


Call: 08124699889

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