Canada Cities That Welcomes The Most Immigrants.

Canada Cities That Welcomes The Most Immigrants.

If you are planning on travelling to Canada, and you are clueless on the reason you should settle, we are here to provide you with, best cities in Canada for Immigrants.

Canadian cities are dying to draw new immigrants. The year 2019, cities saw the maximum migrants settle down in Charlottetown, Regina, Ottawa, and Toronto.

Competition among cities to draw immigrants to settle in their cities is getting hot. The reason is to fill the void created by the aging population and low birth rate. This will also be an opportunity to keep their economies robust.

Canada has launched several programs to incentivize immigrants. This is through Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. Statistics show that Canada in entirety received around 3.41 million or around 0.9% of migrants in the year 2019.

Approximately 118 million immigrants land in Toronto:

Toronto has always been the most preferred city for migrants. About 1.18 million or 35% of immigrants landed in Toronto. Cities that filled the graph are Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

This means immigration will play a big role in supporting Canada’s economic growth. Even if a percentage of immigrants move into cities across Canada, they will boost the economy.

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In the current scenario, immigration will help Canada to leverage its migration program. This is possible if it attracts high-skilled workers to support a progressive economy.

Growth in Atlantic Canada:

Atlantic Provinces are regions in Canada located on the Atlantic coast excluding Quebec. Fredericton, Halifax, and Moncton accepted immigrants. PNP and AIPP have contributed to growth in migrants.

The growth of Gatineau in Ottawa has been large. Several reasons have been influential in determining the city’s growth. Express Entry and Ontario PNP have been successful routes for the migrants to choose Ottawa.

Quebec has become selective and has reduced its intake of immigrants. Migration to Quebec is getting difficult. Hence migrants, who applied for Quebec, choose to settle down in Ottawa –Gatineau region through Express Entry.

How pertinent is 1% intake relevant for the country’s economic growth:

Intake of immigrants at 1% of the population at the national or provincial level is a breakthrough for Canada’s healthy economic growth. The country’s level of receiving immigrants will strengthen its economic growth. By welcoming more people to their cities, they have ensured increased productivity in the labor market.

Immigration has been the source for the growth of Canada’s population. The trend shows that the population will increase cent percent in the next 10 to 15 years. This will play a big role in augmenting Canada’s economic growth.


The above are cities that welcome the most immigrants in Canada, we hope this will greatly be of help, on your journey to immigrating to Canada.  

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