Facts You Need To Know Before Applying For Canadian Visa

Facts You Need To Know Before Applying For Canadian Visa

Moving to Canada is a great choice anyone could ever make. However, before applying for a Canadian visa, there are some things you must know.

Canada is a developed country in which many foreigners are aspiring to get visas to neglect some important things, which later have effects on them. If you are just aspiring to apply for a Canadian visa, this article will explain a lot of things to you, about Canadian visas.

Also, there are some questions and research which you should make before applying for a Canadian visa, which includes,

  • How easy is it to get a job in Canada
  • How expensive are things in Canada
  • Do I stand to benefit anything if I immigrate to Canada?

Furthermore, we shall be providing you with facts, which you must know before applying for a Canadian visa.

  • Canada Wants Immigrants

One secret you should first know is that Canada wants Immigrants. The country is always seeking immigrants, especially those who are skilled workers.

Let this boost your confidence, do not be scared, as the Canadian government wants Immigrants.

  • There are Over 100 Visa And Immigration Program In Canada

Applying for a Canadian visa requires diligent research because there are over 100 visa types in Canada.

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You need to do diligent research, to make sure you are applying for the one that best suits your purpose of traveling to Canada, so you won’t be making a wrong process.

  • There Are Four Seasons In Canada
  • Not All Healthcare, Education, Social services are free in Canada

Living in Canada isn’t an easy task, some things that may be free in your home country, you might have to pay for them in Canada. The cost of education in Canada is quite high. You might as well, have to pay for health care services.

  • Moving To Canada Can Be Expensive

The cost of living in Canada is quite expensive. Ranging from the products you will have to buy so much more. Before applying for a Canadian visa, be financially sure, you are ready for this.

  • Living In Canada Means Being Able To Say I’m Sorry.

Absolute humility lies in Canada. You must be quick to admit your fault and be able to say I’m sorry, at every point in time, that it is necessary.

  • The Job You Start With May Not Be The Job You Want.

Getting to Canada, you may not instantly be able to secure your dream job. You may have to take a job you want yet. However, it’s necessary for you to take that job you were being offered, it’s your commitment to that job, that will determine whether you qualify for the one you dream for.

  • Canada Loves Sports, Food And Maple Syrup.
  • You Need A Work Permit To Work In Canada.
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Before you can be able to work, you will first need to get a work permit. You can apply for a work permit at the Port of entry, discuss with the officer that you need a work permit, the officer will check your documents, to see whether you qualify for one, you will be given one if you qualify for one.

You can as well process the work visa before you get to Canada, you can process it alongside your application. Or perhaps you seek a job and get a job offer, this will make your work permit easy to get.


Canada is indeed a beautiful place to live and travel to, we have provided you with essential things you need to know before you begin your visa process to Canada. We hope you’ve been able to learn from this.

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