Quickest Way To Immigrate To Canada

Quickest Way To Immigrate To Canada

Immigrating to Canada may be quite hard, but in this article, we have outlined the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada.

Canada is a country made out of immigrants. You will never find it a difficult task to get into Canada as an immigrant. There are multiple options available for you to consider when immigrating to Canada. Here are 5 of the fastest methods out of them. You can take a quick look at these methods and see what the best method out of them to move forward with and achieve your dream of settling down in Canada is.

  1. Family class sponsorship

Families that are settled down in Canada will be able to go ahead and provide sponsorships for the relatives to come to the country. They can sponsor and provide permanent residency to the sponsors as well. However, it is important for the person to be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada to provide sponsorship. On the other hand, a sponsor will be able to provide sponsorship for the spouse and all children who are aged under 22 years. In the meantime, you should also figure out that sponsoring the parents or grandparents is not possible as of now.

  1. LMIA Work Visa

If you have a job offer from a company based in Canada, you will be able to come through LMIA Work Visa. This is one of the best methods available for you to come to Canada. That’s because you can start working for the job as soon as you come in and you don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for a job. This can deliver an impressive experience to you as well. You can apply for Canadian jobs while remaining outside Canada. If there is a major labor shortage for a specific job, you have a higher chance of securing a job offer from a company in Canada. Once you are selected for the job, you can receive the job offer. You can present this job offer and come into Canada through the LMIA Work Visa.

  1. The Provincial Nominee Programs
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The popularity of The Provincial Nominee Programs is increasing along with time. This is another great option available for all the people who have dreams to immigrate to Canada. The Canadian provinces such as British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta have developed immigration programs. You will be able to follow these immigration programs under The Provincial Nominee Programs and come into Canada within a short period. It is also important to keep in mind that you will have to stay in a specific province that is sponsored for you after you come to Canada. For most of the Provincial Nominee Programs, you will need to have a job offer from an employer based in Canada to be qualified. However, people who have specific skills and experience, which are equivalent to the shortage of jobs in the country will be able to move forward with The Provincial Nominee Programs. Then you have a higher chance of securing Canadian PR.

  1. Canadian Investor Immigration

Canada is looking for investors, who can contribute to the economic development of the country. If you are an investor, you can take a look at this excellent opportunity available in front of you. The Canadian Investor Immigration is a straightforward method of coming into Canada. The process you have to follow is quite simple.

However, you need to showcase that you are a person who has successfully managed an overseas business to get into Canada through the investor program. When you take a look at the Canadian Investor Immigration program, you will notice that it divides into two different branches. The first branch out of them is the Federal Investor Program. Then you can find a second brand, which is called the Quebec Program. Both of these programs have many shared similarities. However, you will need to have a massive investment to go ahead with the Federal investor program. Along with that, you should also portray that you are having an approved investment fund, which would last for five years. If you can get into Canada through the Canadian Investor Immigration program, you will be able to sponsor your spouse and dependents as well.

  1. Express Entry Program
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Express Entry Program is the most popular method among people who are looking forward to getting into Canada. It provides immigrants with the opportunity to live in Canada and Work in Canada. You will need to be a skilled worker to get into the Express Entry Program.

According to the new immigration system, you will be able to receive your Canadian Citizenship through this method as well. Once you apply through Express Entry Program, your eligibility will be evaluated based on your skills and qualifications. Then you will get an invitation to apply for Canadian PR.

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