Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Application Details

The Ghana Scholarship Secretariat’s online application system is now open. The Secretariat provides free service and does not appoint individuals, groups, or organizations to assist applicants.

Please read everything carefully and submit your application.

About Ghana Scholarship Secretariat

The Ghana Scholarships Secretariat, established in 1960, is responsible for overseeing all government scholarships, both domestically and overseas.

The office’s primary programs and activities focus on human resource development, employment, and productivity. It aims to provide quality education and develop human capital, productivity, and labor relations to meet the nation’s labor needs.

These initiatives have improved needy, gifted, and deserving students’ access to high-quality tertiary education. It also addresses the human resource deficit in STEM areas.

Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Eligibility Requirements

For Local Tertiary Scholarships:

Applicants must follow specific requirements, including gaining admission into a local tertiary institution and registering for the course. They must also undergo an online aptitude test, interviews, and receive electronic award letters upon successful application.

For Foreign Tertiary Scholarships:

Existing beneficiaries and prospective applicants for bilateral and non-bilateral scholarship awards must comply with the specified procedures.

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Ghana Scholarship Secretariat Application Process

The application process is divided into local and foreign tertiary applications. Local tertiary awards are granted to postgraduate students in Ghana’s public tertiary institutions, while foreign tertiary awards cover scholarships in foreign countries based on bilateral cooperation agreements.

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For Local Tertiary

Application forms are available on the Secretariat’s website and must be submitted through the respective institutions for review. The process includes an online aptitude test and interviews.

For Foreign Tertiary:

Scholarships for foreign tertiary education are administered through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, following specific procedures.

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