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Nigerian Breweries Salary Structure 2024 Allowances For All Staff

If you’ve landed an interview with Nigerian Breweries Plc and you want to know what to expect in terms of compensation, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out the salary structure for different positions at Nigerian Breweries and what it takes to join this top firm!

Nigerian Breweries Salary Structure 2024

In this post, we will discuss the compensation structures for personnel in various categories at Nigerian Breweries Plc, as well as the employment prospects and elements that influence the Company’s Structures for its thousands of payrolls in Nigeria.

The following is the compensation structure for Nigerian Breweries in 2022, ranging from senior management to internship level positions:

  • Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Manager earns as much as N760,000 monthly.
  • Legal Manager is also big. They earn about N713,000 monthly
  • The Logistics Manager earns about N473,000 monthly
  • Customer Service Adviser earns a monthly pay of around N396,000.
  • The supervisor earns about N380,000 monthly.
  • Sales Officer earns around #303,000 monthly.
  • Sales Executive in Nigerian Breweries earns a monthly sum of N285,000.
  • Relief Technical Operator earns around N238,000 monthly.
  • Capability and Development Manager earns around N135,000 monthly.
  • Human Resource Administrator earns around N119,000 monthly
  • Distribution Connect Clerk earns around N76,000 monthly.
  • Driver earns around N67,000 monthly.
  • The administrator earns about N57,000 monthly
  • An Intern earns between N24,000 to N30,000 monthly.
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In conclusion, Nigerian Breweries is the largest brewing firm in Nigeria, as evidenced by its massive revenues and workforce. The company is a nice place to work, and there are jobs available.

Their products, which include Amstel Malta, Farouz drink, Gulder, Star Bigger beer, and others, can be found in every Nigerian house, shopping mall, hotel suite, and shop.

As a result, workers in Nigeria’s beverage and brewing industries are well compensated for their efforts. This is better than in certain other industries, such as education, where the efforts put in are not comparable with the pay gained.


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