MBBS in Canada: Costs, Entry Requirements, Free Tuition and Scholarships 2024

Studying Medicine in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide for International Students

Every year, numerous international students flock to Canada to pursue their studies, attracted by the country’s high standard of education and unique lifestyle. Additionally, Canada offers various scholarship opportunities for these students. Studying medicine in Canada is particularly appealing, as the country is home to several leading medical schools that provide world-class education.

Medical Schools in Canada for International Students

Canada boasts 17 medical schools, with an admission rate of 7.5%. Among these, seven are open to international students which are:

  1. University of Toronto
  2. McGill University
  3. Université de Montreal
  4. Université de Sherbrooke
  5. Laval University, Quebec City.
  6. McMaster University
  7. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Benefits Of Studying Medicine in Canada

  1. Opportunity to practice as registered doctors in Canada upon completion of the medical degree.
  2. Availability of scholarship opportunities for international students.
  3. Various job opportunities for graduates.
  4. An easy-to-adapt culture and lifestyle with numerous opportunities for entertainment.
  5. Flexibility to work for 20hours per week while studying.

Eligibility Requirements for International Medical Students

  • Undergraduate Degree: Candidates must have an undergraduate degree in the biological sciences or a CEGEP diploma.
  • Language Proficiency Test: Students need to achieve a minimum score of 6.5 at IELTS or 80 at TOEFL.
  • MCAT: The Medical College Admission Test is required by most Canadian medical schools.
  • Canadian student visa requirements: Applicants are required to have specific documents to study in Canada.

Costs of Studying Medicine in Canada

Although studying medicine in Canada is an investment, the cost is relatively less expensive compared to the US, particularly in Quebec City. The cost of tuition per year in a Canadian medical school ranges from 17,000 – 29,000 CAD.

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Free Tuition Opportunities and Scholarships in Canada

Canada offers various scholarships for international students, including the MasterCard scholarships at McGill University and University of Toronto, Chevening scholarships, and Canadian Government scholarships.

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